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On your arrival:

From 8:00am to 22:00pm Oct.10 (Beijing Time), our staffs will be waiting for you at the EXIT of Shanghai Pudong Airport, holding a sign with "SHANGHAI LIBRARY". There is only one EXIT in the arrival area so you won't miss it. But be careful keep your eyes wide open to locate the SIGN because there will be very crowded at the EXIT. The shuttle van will lead you to the registration desk at the Ground Floor of the west wing in the Shanghai Library building, or to your hotel if possible.

To those who will not arrive at Oct.10 or failed to meet our staffs at the airport:

The Shanghai Pudong Internation Airport (PVG) is located in the east of Shanghai, face to the East China Sea, which has about 60 kelometers from the DC-2004 conference Venue: the Shanghai Library. It's most convenient to take taxi from the airport, which will be less than one hour and about 150 RMB yuan (less than 20 USD), to the Shanghai Library. If you prefer to take Airport Bus (maybe 30 RMB), you may have to wait some time and transit to taxi at any stop of the downtown area. It may take you 2 hours and up to 80 RMB in total to come to Shanghai Library. There are two taxi companies with the best reputation in Shanghai: Da Zhong (means the general public) and Qiang Sheng. We recommend you take their taxi all the time during your stay in Shanghai. But keep in mind always ask for the receipt from the driver in case we can help you with anything unusual.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Shanghai. Hope you have a pleasant journey.

If you got anything to ask, please don't hesitate to contact We are here at your services.


For those who need help to get visa to attend DC-2004:

We will send the formal invitation letter to everyone who intends to come for DC-2004 from abroad.  Please provide (via Email or Online Registration) your personal information including full name, title, company or institute, postal and email address, telephone number and fax number etc. 

After the participants' information, i.e., passport type, passport number, nationality, surname, given name, Postal address, etc., has been gathered, DC-2004 Organizing Committee will send a Visa notification form with the participant's information to the local foreign affairs agency to get the endorsement.  A stamped copy of the notification form will then be sent to you via air-mail immediately for your application for a Chinese Visa in your country. 

 DC-2004 Organizing Committee will take the time to be consumed for Visa application procedure into consideration.   

For general information about Chinese Visa application, please refer to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China. The direct Links is: 

For detail information about Chinese Visa application, we advise you to consult your local Chinese Visa authorities (such as the Chinese Embassy and Chinese Consulate). 

Sincerely yours, 

The Organizing Committee