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     DC2004 Tutorials

                                 Tutorials will provide an introduction to metadata for non-experts.   

Tutorial 1 Semantics
Monday, 11 October  2004  8:30-10:00 
“Using Dublin Core: Basic Semantics” (Presenter: Diane Hillmann)
To include: →Dublin Core principles: one-to-one, dumb-down, refinements vs. extensions
→The basic 15 elements of Simple DC
→Qualified DC and it’s relationship to Simple DC

Tutorial 2 Syntax
Tuesday, 12 October  2004  8:30-10:00 

“Expressing Dublin Core: Basic Syntax” (Presenter: Andy Powell)

To include: →XHTML

Tutorial 3 Application Profile
Wednesday, 13 October  2004  8:30-10:00 
"Creating an Application Profile"  (Presenter: Thomas Baker)
To include: Practical guidelines
→DC-Library Application Profile (Presenter: Robina Clayphan)
→DC-Collections Application Profile (Presenter: Pete Johnston)

Tutorial4 Controlled Vocabularies
Thursday, 14 October  2004  8:30-10:00 
"Creating and Managing Controlled Vocabularies for use in Metadata"
     (Presenter: Stuart Sutton,Joseph Tennis)
To include: Thesaurus structures and vocabulary development
→Infrastructure to support exposure of vocabularies
Documentation and maintenance issues