SPECIAL SESSION: Special Session on Vocabulary Maintenance and the Semantic Web

Chair: Liddy Nevile

SESSION ONE: 15:30 - 17:30, Monday  11 October  2004

SESSION TWO:16:20 - 18:00, Tuesday  12 October  2004

Panelists: Thomas Baker, Eric Miller, Harry Wagner, Charles McCathieNevile
Audience and participants: maintainers of vocabularies or taxonomies and people with an interest in the Semantic Web

DCMI maintains sets of metadata terms ("vocabularies") for uses in a broad range of implementation contexts. This requires that DCMI publish and update its term sets in multiple forms -- as Web documents and as schemas in RDF and XML Schema -- and it requires the maintenance of related specifications and best practice guides. Many of these materials are needed in multiple languages. All of these materials must be kept in synch at the risk of breaking dependent applications.

In this session, Thomas Baker will briefly present the processes and work-flow underlying the publication in parallel of various types of schemas and documentation. Harry Wagner and Mitsuharu Nagamori wrote a vocabulary management tool(VMT) for Dublin Core and Harry will present recent work on this. Eric Miller -- formerly the technical lead for DCMI, now head of the W3C Semantic Web Activity -- will comment on DCMI practice in light of recent advances in tools for managing Semantic Web vocabularies. Charles McCathieNevile, Semantic Web Advanced Development in Europe, will assist with examples of tools being developed or already in use in such contexts. Maintainers of vocabularies or taxonomies for other contexts, such as corporate
intranets, are strongly encouraged to present their experiences in the context of a open discussion of the current state of the art.

Participants wishing to make a brief presentation in the context of the discussion are invited to contact Liddy Nevile ( before 30 September.