Standards Working Group

Chair: Leif Andresen

8:30-10:00,  Tuesday 12 October  2004

Tentative Agenda

1. Reports
a. DCMI as the official ISO Maintenance Agency for ISO 15836
by Leif Andresen - see mail to the list 11-06-2004
b. DC 1.1 as RFC
by John Kunze - see mail to the list 5-7-2004
by Leif Andresen and Robina Clayphan - see mails to the list 5-7-2004 and 31-7-2004
2. Future activities
a. Proposals send to the list 5-7-2004: a formal guidance document for refinements and DCAP guildelines (Leif Andresen)
b. National initiatives (Juha Hakala)
c. TC46/SC4 PLENARY: Technical Interoperability 27-10-2004 in Washington DC
3. Any Other business