DC-Kernel/ERC Working Group

Chair: John Kunze

16:00-18:00, Thursday   October 12  2004

Draft Agenda

1. Summarize current status of working group. Solicit feedback on gaps,
strengths, weaknesses and strategies on each of the following agenda items.

2. Report on and discuss documentation efforts.

3. Report on and discuss progress in creating an XML mapping to/from
the simple label-colon-value ERC format.

4. Report on and discuss late-breaking state of open-source software
support for ERC/Kernel metadata, including demos, reference
implementations, and tools for backend systems and user interfaces.

5. Report on and discuss the need for creating best-practice guidelines
for applying the { who | what | when | where } questions to different
object types in different domains of specialization.

6. General discussion what we've done so far, where we need to go from
here, and how best to get there.

Please send any comments on this agenda to