Architecture Working Group

Chair: Andy Powell

13:30-15:30,  Wednesday  13 October  2004

Tentative Agenda

1. Finalise the Abstract Model, discussion of two forthcoming documents:
- an updated version of the abstract model working draft
- an updated list of issues. See also:

2. Discuss the possibilities for clarifying the resource vs. literal issue in the RDF encodings (should DCMI recommend the use of strings or resources or both (as currently) as the values of DCMI properties?). If we do want to tackle this, then it might be useful if people tabled short position papers (by email) on what they think is the best way forward.

3. Update on where the W3C work on embedding RDF in XHTML has got to... since at some point this work will presumably have an impact on the currrent DCMI recommendation for embedding DC into HTML.