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                              Alphabetical List of accepted paper

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A Framework of Metadata Schema for Functional Extension of Metadata Schema Registry

Mitsuharu Nagamori, Shigeo Sugimoto

A Registry of Collections and their Services: from Metadata to Implementation

Ann Apps

Describing and analyzing the recordkeeping capabilities of metadata sets

Joanne Evans, Lori Lindberg

Improving Metadata Quality: Augmentation and Recombination

Diane Hillmann, Naomi Dushay, Jon Phipps

Maintaining a vocabulary: Practices, policies, and models around Dublin Core

Thomas Baker

Managing complex digital objects and their metadata

Adrienne Kebbell Douglas Campbell

Metadata Harvesting Framework in P2P-Based Digital Libraries

Hao Ding

Metadata Matters

Erik Duval, Wayne Hodgins

Opening the legal literature Portal to multilingual access

E. Francesconi, G. Peruginelli

Towards A Language for Metadata Schemas for Interoperability

Vilas Wuwongse and Masatoshi Yoshikawa

· Short Paper



A Conceptual Model for Cross-Disciplinary Thesaurus Construction on the Semantic Web

W. Davenport Robertson, Jane Greenberg

A Metadata Model Based on the Concept of Structured Digital Object(SDO) and Its Application in Digital Libraries

Ying LI

A methodology for metadata modelling - depth for a flat world

Andreas Aschenbrenner

Advanced Search Technologies for Unfamiliar Metadata

Zhang Wei

CANOE: A Course Assembly and Normalization Tool for E-learning

Han Xu ,Honghan Wu ,Yuzhong Qu

FINDEX - Meta Information System for Substances

Matthias Menger , Petra Jahnke

Leveraging Metadata Inductively and Subjectively

Stephen Davies, Roger King

Metadata and Controlled Vocabularies in the Government of Canada: A Situational Analysis

Gregory Renaud

Metadata Description Scheme and Corresponding Visual Method of Teaching Resource Library

Ning Zhou, Wei Liu, Chuanzhi Yang, Jiaxin Wu, Chi Zhang

Metadata element sets in the CISMeF Quality-Controlled Health Gateway

Benoit Thirion , Magaly Douyère , Lina F. Soualmia , Badisse Dahamna, Jean-Philippe Leroy, Stéfan J. Darmoni

Metadata Exchange without pain: the AGRIS AP to harvest and exchange quality metadata

Irene Onyancha, James Weinheimer, Gauri Salokhe, Stephen Katz and Johannes Keizer

Metadata Generation and Accessibility Auditing

Liddy Nevile

Metadata Management System (MMS)

Norhaizan Mat Talha

Metadata Schema for CCCML

Wei Liu, Cuijuan Xia, Liang Zhao, Xiangying Lou, Chunjing Zhang

METS-Based Cataloging Toolkit for Digital Library Management System

Li Dong, Bei Zhang, Chunxiao Xing, Lizhu Zhou

Open Source Software to Manage Digital Collections in a Decentralized Environment

Scott A. Gunn

Providing Metadata to Historical Material on Viewer Application iPalletnexus

Norio Togiya, Mitsuhiro Tsuda, Akira Baba

Research on Interoperability of  Metadata in Classification Schemes

Jianbo Dai, Hanqing Hou, Ling Cao

Study on Audiovisual Metadata

Duan Minglian, Yao Xingxing, Zhang Jiuzhen

The Case for a Person/Agent Dublin Core Metadata Element Set

Liddy Nevile, Sophie Lissonnet

The Preservation Metadata Schema of the Military Academy

Wang Songlin, Liu Yu

Using Web Pages to Generate Content Description Metadata for Images on the Internet

Huangkun, Guangzhi Sun

XMetaDiss - Metadata for ETDs in Germany

Frodl, C., Korb, N., Wollschlaeger, T.